Ural-PDC 2018 Programme

Time Presentation
09:00–10:00 Registration
10:00–10:15 Workshop Opening
10:15–11:00 S. Leonenkov and S. Zhumatiy: Comparison of Approaches to the Analysis of Supercomputers Usage Efficiency by the Example of Lomonosov and Lomonosov-2 Supercomputers
11:00–11:45 A. Popov, D. Nikitenko, A. Antonov and V. Voevodin: Formal Model of Problems, Methods, Algorithms and Implementations in the Advancing AlgoWiki Open Encyclopedia
11:45–12:30 E. Akimova, V. Misilov and M. Sultanov: Solving the Structural Inverse Gravimetry Problem in the Case of Multilayered Medium Using GPU
12:30–12:40 Coffee Break
12:40–13:00 I. Afanasyev: The Comparative Performance Analysis of Data-Intensive Applications for IBM Minsky and Newell Systems
13:00–13:20 I. Kadyrov, S. Kopysov and A. Novikov: Parallel Partitionning Without Branching of Inner Boundaries for Arbitrary Domain
13:20–13:40 Yu. Belkina and D. Nikitenko: Computing Cost and Accounting Challenges for Octoshell Management System
13:40–14:00 P. Shvets, V. Voevodin and S. Zhumatiy: Primary Automatic Analysis of the Entire Flow of Supercomputer Applications
14:00–15:30 Lunch
15:30–15:50 N. Voinov, I. Selin, P. Drobintsev and V. Kotlyarov: An Approach to Managing Resources of Hybrid Supercomputer for Photogrammetric Tasks
15:50–16:10 V. Shardakov, D. Parfenov, I. Bolodurina, I. Parfenov and V. Zaporozhko: Development of Technique for Generating Adaptive Visualization of Three-Dimensional Objects in a Cloud Educational Environment
16:10–16:30 A. Levchenko: Exploring Trade-offs of Compiler Optimizations to Enable Performance Portability for Multi-level Memory Hierarchies
16:30–16:50 D. Parfenov, I. Bolodurina and V. Shardakov: Development and Research of an Adaptive Traffic Routing Algorithm Based on a Neural Network Approach for a Cloud System Oriented on Processing Big Data
16:50–17:00 Coffee Break
17:00–17:20 E. Kuklin and S. Pravdin: A Web-based System for Launching Large Experiment Series on Supercomputers
17:20–17:40 N. Nedozhogin, S. Kopysov and A. Novikov: Parallel Substructuring Method With Memory Cost Limits
17:40–18:00 K. Nikolskaia, N. Ezhova, A. Sinkov and M. Medvedev: Skin Recognition Technique Based on HSV Color Model and SLIC Segmentation Method
18:00–18:20 V. Kotlyarov, I. Chernorutsky, P. Drobintsev, A. Tolstoles, I. Khrustaleva and L. Kotlyarova: Net-Centric Internet of Things for Industrial Machinery Workshop
18:20–18:40 Workshop Closing

The Ural-PDC 2018 workshop is held on November 15, 2018 at the Conference hall of the Krasovskii Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics (3rd floor, 16 Sofia Kovalevskaya Str., Yekaterinburg, Russia).