Ural-PDC 2017 Programme

Time Presentation
09:30–10:00 Registration
10:00–10:20 Workshop Opening
10:20–10:40 A. Mazeev, A. Semenov, D. Doropheev, T. Yusubaliev: Performance Evaluation of Supervised Graph Anomaly Detection Problem Implemented Using GraphX and MLlib in Apache Spark
10:40–11:00 E. Akimova, A. Chernoskutov, R. Kosivets and A. Volkanin: Traffic Forecasting Using PaddlePaddle
11:00–11:20 I. Bolodurina, D. Parfenov: Approaches for Optimization Using Virtual Network Functions in Infrastructure of Virtual Data Center
11:20–11:40 Coffee Break
11:40–12:00 P. Shvets, V. Voevodin, S. Zhumatiy: Statistics of Software Package Usage in Supercomputer Complexes
12:00–12:20 E. Ezhova: Verification of BSF Parallel Computational Model
12:20–12:40 P. Drobintsev, V. Kotlyarov, A. Levchenko, E. Petukhov: Experimental Considerations Towards Effective Memory Bandwidth Evaluation on Large-Scale ccNUMA Systems
12:40–13:00 P. Drobintsev, V. Kotlyarov, A. Levchenko, A. Maslakov: An Effective Implementation Approach for Adapting of HPC Applications
13:00–14:00 Lunch
14:00–14:20 I. Afanasyev: An Efficient Implementation of Transitive Closure Problem on Intel KNL Architecture
14:20–14:40 A. Agarkov, A. Semenov: Performance Evaluation of Large Table Association Problem Implemented in Apache Spark on Cluster with Angara Interconnect
14:40–15:00 S. Kopysov, I. Kuzmin, A. Novikov, N. Nedozhogin, L. Tonkov: Parallel Interpolation in FSI Problems Using Radial Basis Functions and Problem Size Reduction
15:00–15:20 V. Sovrasov: Parallel Multi-Objective Optimization on CPU Using Information Framework for Constructing Global Optimization Algorithms
15:20–15:40 Coffee Break
15:40–16:00 R. Stepanov, A. Sozykin: Distributed PIV Technology: Network Storage Usage
16:00–16:20 A. Tsidaev: .NET Library for Seamless Remote Execution of Supercomputing Software
16:20–16:40 V. Trishin, N. Lookin, A. Filimonov: Software Development Technology for Homogeneous Computing Environments
16:40–17:00 A. Vlasova: Parallel Computing for the Simulation of Deformation of Different Metals
17:00–17:20 Workshop Closing

The Ural-PDC 2017 workshop is held on October 19, 2017 at the Ural Federal University (4 Turgeneva Str., Yekaterinburg, Russia), room 507.