Ural-PDC 2015 Programme

Time Presentation
10:00–10:45 Workshop Opening
10:15–10:45 V. Zverev: Using FEniCS Library for Heart Simulation
10:45–11:05 A. Golubev, K. Plotnikov: Teaching parallel and asynchronous programming using C#
11:05–11:25 A. Tsidaev: CUDA parallel algorithms for forward and inverse structural gravity problems
11:25–11:45 N. Vaganova, M. Filimonov: Parallel Splitting and Decomposition Method for Computations of Heat Distribution in Permafrost
11:45–12:05 Y. Salii: Restricted Dynamic Programming Heuristic for Precedence Constrained Bottleneck Generalized TSP
12:05–12:25 E.N. Akimova, D.N. Gainanov, O.A. Golubev, I. Kolmogortsev, A.V. Konygin: The Problem of Scheduling for the Linear Section of a Single-Track Railway with Independent Edges Orientations
12:25–13:40 Lunch
13:40–14:00 K. Ushenin, D. Byordov: An HPC-based approach to study living system computational model parameter dependency
14:00–14:20 V. Grishagin, R. Israfilov: Multidimensional Constrained Global Optimization in Domains with Computable Boundaries
14:20–14:40 S. Solodushkin, A. Sagoyan, I. Iumanova: A Parallel Algorithm for Solving the Advection Equation with a Retarded Argument
14:40–15:00 I. Starodumov, E. Pavlyuk, L. Klyuev, M. Kovalenko, A. Medyankin: Analysis of the efficiency PETSc and PETIGA libraries in solving the problem of crystal growth
15:00–15:20 Coffee Break
15:20–15:40 T. Rechkalov: Partition Around Medoids Clustering on the Intel Xeon Phi Many-core Coprocessor
15:40–16:00 E. Ivanova, S. Prikazchikov, L. Sokolinsky: Join Execution Using Fragmented Columnar Indices on GPU and MIC
16:00–16:20 I. Kuzmin, N. Nedozhogin, L. Tonkov, S. Kopysov, A. Novikov: Coupled nonlinear simulation of fluid-structure interaction on hybrid HPC platforms
16:20–16:40 A. Sozykin, T. Epanchintsev: An approach to use OpenCV for image processing in Hadoop
16:40–17:00 Coffee Break
17:00–17:20 G. Radchenko, D. Savchenko: Microservices Validation: Methodology and Implementation
17:20–17:40 E. Kozinov, A. Shtanyuk: Learning Parallel Computations with ParaLab
17:40–18:00 E. Akimova, V. Misilov, M. Martyshko, A. Skurydina: Specialized web portal for solving problems on multiprocessor computing systems
18:00–18:15 Workshop Closing

The Ural-PDC 2015 workshop was held on November 17, 2015 at the Conference hall of the Krasovskii Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics (16 Sofia Kovalevskaya Str., Yekaterinburg, Russia).